I am thinking about hiring you as a digital caricaturist for our big event - how does that work?
Just go to the section "procedure" and there you will find all the necessary information.


What´s the main focus of your work as a digital caricaturist?
I regard myself as an entertainer with a pen. That means that the most important thing is not the number of faces i have drawn but the laughs and happyness of the people how are on your party! The modern technology enables me to entertain a large group of people.


Ok, but how many people do you draw in one hour?
I like to draw the faces from the front view (en face), there the quality and selfrecongnition is the best - it takes around 5-6 minutes per person. That counts up to 10-12 people in one hour - with a lot of making fun for the guys watching behind me...


Can´t you draw any faster?
Sure, but then the quality goes down a lot. At big events I can switch to drawing just the side view (profil) of my victims. So I can achieve a maximum of around 25 faces in one hour. Then of course the fun-part is reduced somehow.


Do you also go to New Zeeland?
Most of the time I travel around Europe, but sure I will also go elsewhere.


Could you print our logo and a text on the paper?
Sure, no prolem. Just send me the files per mail and i do the rest!


Can you even draw more than one person on a piece of paper?
Yes I can! I love to do one - there is more room to develop the personality. But for example at weddings drawing pairs is nearly standard. And even 3 or more faces should not be a problem...


May I publish or use my caricature as a profil-picture in social media?
Every caricature belongs to you and can be used privately. If you want to use the drawing for commercial purposes, please contact me. Publishing your caricature as a profil-picture in social networks is allowed, when you refer to me as the creator of the artwork.