In which size do you paint your cartoons?
The most common size is DIN A3 – together with the frame the finished picture is 40x50cm.


How do you calculate the price of a cartoon? How can i pay for it?
The price of a cartoon depends on the numbers of persons and the details in the picture. After you send me the needed information I can give you a cost estimate. You can pay in cash, via Paypal or bank deposit.


What do you need to make a cartoon?
Photographs of the persons to be drawn. Please try to find some in good quality and with smiling or laughing faces. The better the photos, the better the likeness!
Information about the hobbies or jobs or any details that you would like to have represented in the picture.


How many persons can be drawn on one painting?
The number is nearly endless – the record up to now is 110 people in a very big painting.


Can I cancel a commission order, reject a finished painting or give it back?
No, normally it is not possible to cancel a commission order, unless I haven´t started with my work on it. The finished painting is a individual artwork and cannot be refused or given back. Small changes could be made – if possible.


Can I get a sketch before you finish the painting?
Yes, of course I can send you a sketch beforehand. So you can controll if every necessary detail is on the picture. The likeness of the persons is not the main focus – this comes later. The sketch is more about the overall composition of the painting.


How can I use my cartoon?
After Payment each cartoon belongs to you and can be used privately. The copyright of the artwork stil belongs to me, so it is not allowed to use the cartoon for commercial purpose.


How long does it take to paint a cartoon?
In gernal it takes 2-3 weeks from the first contact to the delivery of the finished artwork. If possible I can undergo this limit – with extra charge.