The steps to commissioning a cartoon – the most personal gift ever!



You´ve got a friend or a loving relative and you´re looking for a personal gift for his or her birthday or anniversary? But what do you give to somebody who allready has everything?
Yeah, that´s it! An carefully handmade and slightly exaggerated cartoon of the happy person is the most personal gift you can give!


First take a look at my galery and chose which kind of style you like the most.


Normally the finishing of a coloured drawing takes 2-3 weeks. If it´s possible, I can deliver faster – with a little additional fee.


Send me an email, call me or fill out my inquiry form.


When you have sent me enough information about the kind of cartoon, the number of persons and the details to draw I will send you an estimate of costs.


You are delighted, cause you know, that the price for the uniqueness and the lots of hours of artistic work is very appropiate!


Therefore you send me an order confirmation and your inputs of ideas for the painting. Don´t forget to send the photos of the persons to draw! Please remember: the better the quality of the pictures, the better the quality of the likeness of the persons will be! 2-3 Photos of one smiling or laughing person is necessary.


Now I will send you the first sketches per mail. The important thing here is the rough composition of the drawing and the details of hobbies – the perfect likeness of the faces come later...


After you approved the sketches (small changes are still possible), I go on and draw and paint your cartoon – a timeconsuming but fun work.


When I´m finally finished with your painting I can put your picture in a frame too! I´ve got several colours to choose from.


Now we just have to arrange a pick up date and you get your wonderful present!