I am thinking about hiring you as a speedpainter for our event - how does that work?
Just go to the section "procedure" and there you will find all the necessary information.


What´s the main focus of your stage-performance?
I play with colour and the expectations of the audience.


How long does it take to make one painting on stage?
It can take between 5 and 15 minutes - depending on the details I paint.


How many painting can you do on stage?
On stage I can do up to 3 paintings.


Do you also go to New Zeeland?
Most of the time I travel around Europe, but sure I will also go elsewhere.


And whats the thing with the pizza-box-portraits?
Within minutes I paint portraits in the pizza-box - so every guest can take my art home. Art to go!


Could you do anything on stage?
Yes I can! It could be your buisness logo, or maybe the portrait of a famous person. Or even the portrait of you boss. There is no limit.


Is it true, that you donate half of your fee?
Yes. I donate half of what I get to the VinziRast.